Mya’s Monday: Dress to Mesh

I adore a mesh overlay or underlay with almost any outfit. You can often catch me with mesh tights under a good pair of ripped jeans this or mesh dress layered under my sweatshirt. Mesh is a versatile piece that can add a personal touch to any wardrobe. When layering things under mesh you can pull out intricate designs, bright colors and slogans to accentuate through the mesh. When layering with mesh on top of  a piece the overlay the look adds texture and depth to any outfit. Couture brands like Balmain have made mesh the must-have trend for the season. All across the catwalk and celebrity appearances mesh is being used to create hidden details within the look. If you look at socks and stockings as you follow street style you might just catch everyone dressed in mesh!

I treat mesh as a basic so I’m always ready to layer it with denim or dress it up depending on the occasion! When going casual I focus on keeping the accessories practical and easily interchangeable. 

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Mya’s Monday: Jumpsuit Crazy

I’ve been on the hunt for a series of good jumpsuits since early 2016. A jumpsuit is a hard piece when shopping for due to fit and length but, I firmly believe the right combination of jumpsuits can elevate your wardrobe. They can truly be a piece that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. During the winter months layering with turtlenecks, long draped jackets and playing with proportion can take one piece and create a multi-faceted approach to different trends. A jumpsuit can be worn anywhere from school, to work, to the airport, to dinner and anywhere in between.

From celebrity street style to runway catwalks jumpsuits continue to be a style staple for any season.

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xoxo, Mya

All about Athleisure

To kick off 2016 Vogue brought us the “5 Rules of Athleisure” and for 2017 I think
it’s high time I reevaluate those rules and add a few more.

1.      Athleisure is still in. The comfort revolution isn’t
going anywhere. We can breathe a sigh of relief knowing our leggings and
sneakers combinations have survived another year. However just like any other
moment there’s still trends to follow. High waisted athleisure with mesh detail
is still having a moment… Yoga pants are still out.

2.      2017 is the year of the drop crotch. I’ve had a love hate relationship with this trend for as long as I can remember but I am finally ready to embrace this trend. Joggers and jumpsuits with this trend have been popping up everywhere from Project Runway to Daya by Zendaya pop up shops.

3. There is a time and a place for athleisure. As much as we love our active wear there is not a place for it yet in the professional work. Dress for success in interviews, meetings and professional encounters. Always dress above the code never below.

4.  Don’t be afraid to take risk. Neon colors, patterns, crazy cutouts and everything in between. Embrace hues besides the classic neutrals to keep your closet fresh and ever changing. Comfort is practical and comfortable but the athleisure revolution has also made these trends stylish.

5. Pay attention to quality. There has definitely been an overflow of competition and newcomers to the athletic market. Pay attention to brand identity, quality of material and life span of your products to insure the products can handle daily wear and tear.


What to Wear Wednesday | Winter Whites

It’s finally time to embrace white after labor day. No longer is it a winter taboo, white is being seen on celebrities and runways for winter 2017 fashion (Small confession: I’ve been rocking white long past labor day for seasons. My motto has long been “if it’s good enough for Coco it’s good enough for me”). J. Mendel, Reed Krakoff, Alexander McQueen, Nina Ricci and Derek Lam all featured white on the runway for this season,  Different shades, textiles and patterns can all mix together to create refreshing snow white looks. The pop of white will stand out in a sea of dark colors but as always mind how you wear it. There are a few dos and don’ts with white:

  • Do mind the fit- Tailoring is key
  • Do mix your hues to break up the outfit
  • Don’t over accessorize to compensate for the color
  • Don’t spill or rub against anything that will leave a mess

With these tips in mind you’re ready to rock winter whites into 2017…


New Year, New Trends

Hi everyone my name is Mya! I am excited to announce that I am a new fashion ambassador for realm seniors! As you get to know me & my style you will see my passion is for all things fashion! 

New Year’s Eve might be over but, the trends you saw last night were the beginning of a new era. Velvet, Tulle, fur and glitter are here to stay through the winter.
So goodbye 2016 and hello to everything 2017 has in store! As a high school senior this year I’m sure I’m in for one crazy ride. From application deadlines to starting college and everything else in between I’m excited for what my future holds.

When I think about my personal style I view categorize my wardrobe into the rule of three. I have clothes for school, workouts and going out. The potential for new clothing opportunities opens wide after Christmas. January is a time to work all new pieces into your existing wardrobe and set the tone for the upcoming year.

No matter the temperature in the winter, I love to layer. Not even my workout gear is safe from my system. With different layers I can throw on the jacket as I leave practice to transition the look from workout to athleisure. With a pop of color to break up the black and gray with the low rise AF1 anyone can recreate this look to fit their aesthetic (Breaking a sweat in this outfit is optional). 

After the Christmas holiday there will likely be a statement piece to structure a back to school look around. Whether it’s a new bag, sweater, shoes or a combination of all three everyone in the halls will be stopping to ask you where you found the piece. I centered this outfit around the PUMA creepers and the MCM backpack because they’re hot pieces everyone can’t wait to get their hands on!

I love to pull inspiration from the runway whenever I can work it into an outfit. With a Balmain inspired top I selected a clean and classic black accents. The crop top steals the show and it’s easy to keep a look from being over done by allowing one piece to stand out this season. Chelsea boots with a low heel complete the look. From dinner to dancing you’ll be comfortable all night in this outfit. 

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